Candle Bokeh

Candle. Darkness. War. Chaos. Plea. Prayer. Peace. Serenity. Light. Candle.


1/20 f6.3 ISO 800
Taken at the Shrine of the Infant Jesus of Prague

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A Butterfly Life

Butterflies are one of nature’s wonders. They start off as eggs which give rise to caterpillars who do not do anything but eat leaves all day. And when they’re bloated and can’t take anymore, they turn into cocoons and go into a long nap while hanging on some branch or twig. And after some time, they suddenly awake into their new God-given bodies: colorful, beautiful, and more importantly, with wings! Now tell me if that isn’t a wonder.




I took these shots at the Butterfly house in Riverfront City. I particularly like the second one. Those bulbous eyes reminded me of Masked Rider.

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Little white starfish


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