The Birds of Malagos

The Malagos Garden Resort in Calinan is one of Davao’s major ecotourist attractions. It is several kilometers away and about an hour ride from the city center. It is within the Malagos watershed and boasts of a plethora of beautiful flora and fauna set in a well-landscaped surroundings.

The pride of the resort are undoubtedly their birds. Every Sunday, they have an interactive bird show where birds get to fly everywhere and showcase some tricks. The area is open, so some birds could just swish through when they want. The audience like that a lot.

Having birds up close, would I even miss the chance to try out my k-r?


This shot made me love my k-r more. I was impressed that the minute details of the feathers were retained at closer zoom, and the color came out extra vibrant. This is a case of autofocus working incredibly thanks to the contrast with the surroundings. it would have been better though if the shot was cleared from the clutter of people around.


This is one of the amazingly-colored birds in the resort; it has blue feathers overall with violet accents on the underside, head capped with an intricate headdress, eyes red and made more vibrant with dark outlines running to the beak.

I just don’t like that the cage can still be seen at the background. I was supposedly aiming for a total blur, but turned out I can’t. I believe with only my 18-55mm kit lens to boot, I need to get a lot more closer to get the effect. Or I could have just bought a larger lens.


It is a rooster, but better dressed and looks more stately. It does not look threatening, but was staring back at me for the entire time I was fiddling with my exposure settings. He sure is one curious fowl.


I love the eyelashes of this bird. The mesh screen still showed up in this shot though. And while blurred, it appeared thicker and brought extra fine lines than I expected. I could have inched closer to close the gap between me and the cage, just to get the mesh screen blurred to nonexistence, but I was afraid my lens would be pecked at by surprise.


The bird was coming from a tree somewhere, and just before it landed on this man’s fingers, it spread its wings to full wingspan. I was holding my camera by my side then, and having no time to get into the viewfinder, I just clicked away at the approaching bird. Luckily, the previous settings worked perfectly and I got this great shot.


Ok, there is something in this duck that I find really cute. Must be the webbed feet.

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