Wakeboarding at Deca

The opening of the Deca Wakeboard Park in 2010 officially placed wakeboarding as one of the most sought after and must-try adventure sports in Davao after mountain climbing, trekking, ziplining, diving, and white water rafting.


Wakeboarding became popular in the Philippines thanks to CamSur whose world-class water sports complex (CWC) has drawn wakeboard enthusiasts from everywhere in the planet. At Deca, one is treated with a magnificent view of the Mt. Apo on a bright clear day.


We arrived at the park early and the resort was not yet technically open (it was a Wednesday and wakboarding starts at 10:30 am). The resort personnel at the time were still sort of priming the cable tow machine. Deca is said to use the same cable tow technology as CWC.


Before the action starts, a brief orientation is conducted for beginners. Beginners will have to start with kneeboarding to have a feel of the tow and to warm up as well. When ready, they can shift to the squat position or standing position.



This is one of the resort personnel doing some exhibition stunts. He has let go of the cable tow here so he looks like he’s just surfing.

I can only imagine how a pro event would look like – that’s something I would love to shoot one of these days. For now, here are some action shots I took at the Deca Wakeboard Park:






One can be easily intimidated when the more experienced wakeboarders strut their skills. But as soon as you start you will find that you are just at the level of most of the wakeboarders there. Everyone gets to be trampled at the waters at least once so rough rides are pretty normal. That’s how it all begins for first-timers, right?

We paid Php 250 for a half-day tour (for Davao residents during Wednesdays).

Deca Wakeboard Park is located at Brgy. Tacunan, Mintal, Davao City. It is within the Deca Homes Resort Residences.

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