Morning Scenes at Davao Baywalk

Davao’s Baywalk (also known as seawall) is famous among locals for its giant replica of the statue of David, which, at one point, became controversial because of its near proximity to a popular motel. But before the controversial statue was even “erected”, the place is already frequented by college cliques who just want to have a quiet place to drink booze and bond with friends.


A visit of the place at dawn reveals another side of the baywalk. What welcomes you is a rustic, peaceful, and laidback lifestyle amidst a backdrop of the vast Davao Gulf and towering Mt. Apo. For one who has lived in the cosmopolitan facet of Davao for much of his life, the scenes were both surprising and refreshing at the same time.

Because of its wide concrete pathwalks, many find the baywalk a good place for an early morning walk.

Barkada boys enjoying each other’s early morning (or after-night) company is a common sight. The large rocks here jut into the sea from the baywalk quay. They form the original seawall from which the old name of the place was coined.

A small fishing boat looking for an early catch in still gulf waters. A line of shanties along the shore are telling that economic progress has not reached deep into the metro’s quarters.

Man and his two kids probably fishing for their morning meal.

Boy looking through the blueness of the sea, island, and the sky

A bicycle parked. Here at baywalk, it’s always better to walk or sit or fish while breathing in the cool breeze of morning by the sea.

Davao baywalk (not exactly an official name) is located in Matina Aplaya, Davao City.

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