Little mermaid and the golden sunrise

The last time I went to Davao baywalk, I was deprived of a golden sunrise. While that visit was not at all unfulfilling (see post here), it would have been wonderful to see the morning sun and have a shot at it. Since then I vowed to return and return I did.


Fortunately, the sun was up this time. But it was just peeking sheepishly through a window in the thick clouds, so a full blown sunrise is still naught for me. Nevertheless, what little luminance it gave did cast golden reflection in the sea and that was the least I could ask for. With the baywalk’s faithful replica of the little mermaid silhouetted on the foreground, I took a shot at the scene and this was what came out of it.

This isn’t exactly what I had in mind, but with such overcast skies, I’d say I was already lucky. Still, I really want to shoot a golden sun on a cloudless morning sky. And until that happens, I vow to return here again and again.

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