My Gear


I have a Pentax k-r white and an 18-55mm kit lens. This is my first dslr camera, and this too is my first foray into photography.

The Pentax k-r white is a thing of beauty and with great features for its price range. I bought the basic kit for only Php 31,000. That is similar in price to Nikon D3100. I’ve held a Nikon before and the sheer number of buttons could be overwhelming. The k-r has a simple interface and easy to reach buttons which makes taking pictures easier. It is also remarkably easier to hold. It just fits right in the hand.

The specs can be found all over the net so I won’t bother posting them here. But what I really like about this dslr is its built-in image stabilization and the automatic noise reduction feature when shooting at high ISO ranges. It’s also white, which makes shooting in public extra casual. It is also less intimidating for people if you ask them to pose or take a shot at them. Friendly and non-assuming, this camera is.


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